You just can’t keep Tape out of your backup storage system

You just can’t keep Tape out of your backup storage system

Rapid technological advancements keep on accelerating the speed at which the consumers dispose of old gadgets and move onto the new product replacements. So what’s the reason behind this rapid switching? Consumers feel more confident and have developed mindset that each up-gradation means improvement.


Majority of the business enterprises are migrating to cloud storage technology for data backup. The other popular technology is tape storage format, which is robust, inexpensive, scalable and provides more flexibility. Another smart solution is a hybrid storage environment featuring all three technologies cloud, disk and tape.


The data administrators need to carefully evaluate and analyze which backup storage technology is more cost-efficient and advantageous for their enterprise data.


-According to the network world magazine, almost 78% companies have incorporated tape storage format in their organization’s backup system.


-Tape cartridge’s average media life ranges from 2-3 decades, whereas the disk technology must be replaced after 5 years.

Business enterprises must strengthen their data security and disaster recovery with a strong infrastructure, which features best combination of leading backup technologies. IT administrators who think that tapes can’t handle large data volumes should know that new generations feature built-in security and ultra-high storage capacities.

Superior attributes of Tape solution

Tape solution offers superior attributes when compared to other technologies


Backup media take a lot of bite of your storage space. Business enterprises allocate precious real estate to house the digital information that might be accessed rarely. On the other hand, the tapes can be moved confidently to secure off-site locations that provide ideal storage conditions.

Low ownership cost

IT managers in today’s competitive environments cannot run operations with mind set of “money is no object”. Tape technology is cheaper than cloud and other storage options. It delivers superior investment value as the users can seamlessly access large data volumes even after 20-30 years.

Fast retrieval

It offers ideal speed for the multimedia, database and other commercial applications.

  • 259 GB/hr speed for SDLT-2 drives
  • 1008 GB/hr speed for LTO 5 ultrium drives

The drives also feature the ability to boost their writing speed with compression functionality, which is mostly 2:1 and goes up to 3:1.

Cloud storage provides exceptional benefits and does not require constant tending like other backup formats. By definition, backing up data to cloud environment also means off-site. It is more feasible for special projects. When you are done with the project, the data should be preserved on tapes and stored remotely.

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