Why Tape is more Reliable than Disk

Why Tape is more Reliable than Disk

The LTO logo specification is an important benchmark, but when it comes to the quality of data protection, HPE knows – from decades of supporting a huge installed base of tape customers – end users seek assurances of reliability that go further still.

For every generation of LTO, the Technology Provider Companies (TPC) – HPE, IBM and Quantum – have defined the specifications for each individual component. Manufacturers take out licences from the TPCs to make products according to these strict definitions, most recently for LTO-7.

Barium Ferrite: just a solo, not a symphony

Finally, don’t assume that certain LTO-6 and LTO-7 tapes are more reliable because they use a particular kind of particle – for example Barium Ferrite (BaFe). Although some HPE competitors and partners have made this assertion, in HPE’s opinion, there’s several reasons why these comments aren’t accurate:

The particle formulation is of limited importance for determining how reliably your data can be stored on a piece of tape. As described in the preceding pages, the particle is just one small part of a very big solution: one instrument rather than the whole orchestra. This is the most important point to keep in mind in relation to media manufacturing; anyone who suggests otherwise is misinformed.

Barium Ferrite is merely a chemical compound so it can’t be ‘patented’ in the conventional sense. There are many equally valid ways to make BaFe particles, not just one company’s method.

Although it was first used in LTO-6 in 2013, Barium Ferrite is not new technology. It has been around for decades and a multitude of companies use it in a range of diferent applications.

There is more than one supplier making LTO-7 Barium Ferrite tapes and many diferent brands of media to choose from. It’s a genuine open standard where the customer can choose from multiple sources.

Ultimately, what matters is how well the entire media solution performs together. That is the focal point of HPE testing and the results of our scrutiny clearly show that HPE media is the most reliable you can buy.

Tape is literally 10,000 to 100,000 times more reliable than disk

Device Undetecable Bit Error Rate
Enterprise disk 1 in 10-15
Enterprise SSD 1 in 10-17 
Hardened SSD 1 in 10-18 
LTO-7 1 in 10-19 
Oracle T10000 1 in 10-19 
IBM TS1150 1 in 10-20 

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