Why HP LTO ultrium tape is the best solution

Every business wants to maximize its investment. If you are looking for long term security of corporate data, then HP Hewlett-Packard has the best solution; the impressive product line of LTO (Linear Tape Open) devices.

The reasons are:

-Multiple LTO generations, that can handle all small to large IT centers. Newest version is ultrium 6.

-Convenience to use HP LTO ultrium tapes with non-HP drives. (make sure that the drive supports the LTO tape generation).

-Choice of 200GB compressed capacity to an enormous 6.25 terabytes.

-Intelligently engineered drives and cartridges.

-Drives offer choice of internal and external installation, along with option of SAS/SCSI interfaces.

-256 bit encryption (LTO4, 5 and 6)

-Staggering 400Mbps speed (LTO6 drive).

-Trouble-free scalability.

-WORM (write once read many) feature.

-Media partitioning mechanism (LTO 6 and 5)

Tape cartridges’ part numbers are:

C7976A (LTO-6)
C7975A (LTO-5)
C7974A (LTO-4)
C7973A (LTO-3)
C7972A (LTO-2)
C7971A (LTO-1)

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