What’s so special about the HP LTO-6 Store-Ever drive

What’s so special about the HP LTO-6 Store-Ever drive

Majority of the people are often very curious about the electronic devices, and want to explore the features and technologies that make them unique and more superior.

The HP products have high market share in their respective industries. Their LTO (Linear Tape Open) ultrium drives continue to deliver unmatched storage performance and reliability, thanks to the continuous excellent technological advancements.

StoreEver LTO ultrium 6 drive

And for those curious data administrators, we shall now deeply explore the capacity, speed, agility and unique state-of-the-art features of sixth generation LTO-6 drive. It is currently the latest version.

Since the first generation, numerous features have been introduced along with the increase in speed and capacity. The most noticeable technical enhancements are:

  • WORM (LTO-3 and onward generations)
  • Encryption (LTO-4 and onward generations)
  • Media Partitioning (LTO-5 and onward generations)

Exclusive Features

This new version has all the high-tech attributes of prior versions plus:

  • Improved data compression (2:1 to a staggering 2.5:1)
  • High capacity 16KB history buffer

The users are well familiar with the above mentioned features, but not much with the ones listed below.

Longer Working Life

It works excellently in event of repeated load/unload cycles. To be more precise, HP drive engineers have formulated to tolerate load/unload cycles up to 100.

Lets make it more simple. If the user continuously load/unload the tape cartridge after each hour, and the process goes on 24×7, then mechanical failure might occur after 11 years.

Very hard to believe but it’s true. HP has been testing the tape drives for almost 2 years. Furthermore, this test would be extended to 2000 tapes with only single LTO 6 drive.

So your backup storage system is ready to take on the rigorous challenges of today’s complex, demanding environments.

Rock-solid Data reliability with Read-after-write Functionality

A read-head has been embedded in addition to the traditional write-head. It has been placed behind, so that the reliability of stored data could be easily verified. The data buffer is cleared after it has been successfully stored onto the tape.

Now the question is that will there be any error? The answer is NO. Write operation process will complete only when each and every bit on the tape media is readable.

The data read operations also involves numerous techniques that ensure safe extraction of data files even from the defective media. The errors are removed on-the-fly, thus ensuring interruption-free data flow. So with all these high performance technologies combined, this LTO ultrium solution delivers two times higher reliability than disk.

Management of Backup System

HP has introduced these new technical advancements that ease overall management:

  • Ethernet port
  • Expansion of DRAM memory
  • Command View TL and StoreEver Data Verification (smart diagnostic tools)

The Command View provides information regarding drive health, whereas the other Data Verification (DA) tool tells you about the media health.

Advantage of the DA tool is that it can be used with third party applications as well, that further reduces complexity.

Smooth Performance in Large Tape Library Systems

The LTO 6 drives can handle the path failure in large library environments as well. The drive intelligently makes switch over, while the application runs seamlessly. Its dual-connector port has solved with greater efficiency.

Energy Efficient

When the drives are not operating, they change their mode to “low power’. Their power consumption remarkably drops down to less than three watts.

Longer Storage Life

Data retention legislations continue to intensity and so does the challenge of reliable data archiving. On the other hand, the changed patterns of access to organization information have further increase pressure on IT managers.

HP has focused more on the tape path, and has kept on altering the drive architecture to reduce tape tension. This smart approach is very advantageous as it has reduced media wear-and-tear. Curved interior of the tape roller ensures precise alignment, and there is excellent stability during tape motion. When the drive operation completes and also during slow stops/starts, the tape reel is lifted up.

New Formulation

Barium Ferrite is the new material used for the storage media of LTO ultrium 6 cartridges. It is more robust and can handle the workloads of future capacity demands.

Variable Drive Speed

When the data rate of host system slowed down, the traditional drives would stop and then start again because the incoming data wasn’t fast enough to meet the drive speed. This condition, called “shoe shining”, degraded the overall performance and increased the media wear.

HP drive engineers have come up with an intelligent solution. This smart approach is to alter the LTO-6 drive’s writing speed and keep gentle pace with incoming data. Maximum and minimum processing speed of drive is 160MB/s and 60MB/s.

I am sure that the readers would now have more knowledge about the smart features that facilitate HP LTO users to meet their demands.

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