Verbatim Blu-ray recordable HD DVD-R Disk 15GB Write Once

The new HD-DVD is introduced by Verbatim whose recording capacity has been enhanced. HDTV and the programming of high definition are becoming more popular. The high definition DVD of Verbatim can store HD video with large files. To read and write the data, this disk uses the 405 nanometers wavelength blue laser. The blue laser’s wavelength is much shorter as compared to the 650nm of red laser. The blue laser provides greater data density and storage capacity up to 15GB on a single layer, because it forms small data pits.

The Verbatim HD DVD-R uses superior Azo recording layer, which provides reliable recording and higher archival life. If playback can be accessed through your HD DVD player or recording hardware, then the HD-DVD media is compatible with HD DVD recording hardware. The Verbatim HD DVD-R offers the recordable format for PC data storage and HDTV recording. The HD DVD player can also be used for playback. The disk uses a blue violet laser to read and write data allowing for more data storage on a disc with the same size as a CD/DVD.

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