Uninterrupted Pumping of Data in Organizational Network

Uninterrupted Pumping of Data in Organizational Network

In today’s E-commerce world, in-time data availability is crucial for organizational sustainability. The readers can better understand if we draw analogy between “the importance of digital data in business environment” and “the functionality of heart in living beings”.

All body parts keep working if the heart keeps on pumping the blood, and therefore any disruption might be fatal. Now we visualize the same scenario in the business organizations. All activities work seamlessly as long as the clients, employees, company management and stake holders have access to the required digital data.

Maintenance and security measures

Healthy diet, exercise and proper treatment are necessary for effective functioning of heart, and so are robust data security techniques for undisrupted business operations. A person with healthy heart can better perform his duties and enjoy life.


Similarly, a business with secured data assets is able to run its routine activities in a more efficient manner, and stay ahead of its competitors. In short, we can say that digital data has the same importance that blood has in the human body.

Consistent data flow

Organizations must fuel digital data to the commercial applications without any disruption. Everyone is aware that viruses can slow down the flow of blood across the veins/arteries of your network. Furthermore, the software malfunctions and malicious access can damage data integrity.


So the IT managers are responsible for improving the health of their busy networks and must ensure that blood is supplied to each and every workstation.

Backup Storage

IT managers can overcome this challenging task with backup storage. Best reliable solution that delivers excellent security, scalability, safe off-site storage, trouble-free installation and low ownership cost is the backup tape system. Data preserved on tape cartridges can be retrieved in its original form even after 30 years. LTO (Linear Tape Open) and SDLT (Super Digital Linear) tapes are renowned for longer storage life.


Backup storage serves much like an insurance plan. You are compensated for the damaged/lost products. Similarly, the backup data acts as a savior and the organizations won’t have to worry about business continuity in event of data disaster. Hence by implementing effective data securing techniques and backup system, a business is able to insure its data.

Integration of backup storage system

Whenever you are implementing any plan, it is advisable to segregate and identify things in the order of the most significant to the least significant. So, the planner is more proactive towards the most critically important areas. Like all other business strategies, this approach should be used in securing your data as well.

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Identify the business-critical information from the large corporate data. Then define the time frame for backup, whether it should be done weekly, monthly etc. A smarter approach is to preserve backup tapes at remote sites. In this way, the company can continue its routine tasks if the onsite tapes are stolen or damaged by fire, flood etc.

Data Security

Another intelligent solution to the long term storage is backing up data files with encryption and the non-rewritable WORM format. We often use secret symbols and code words to convey message without getting noticed by our peers. This approach is widely used in sports.

Encryption makes your sensitive information unreadable, and is almost impossible to decode it.  LTO tape system has the industry leading encryption functionality based on 256 bit code.

The “write once, read many” W.O.R.M is the core functionality of many tape solutions like AIT-5, SDLT-2, DAT-320 and LTO (third generation and the higher-capacity versions). One thing is for sure that your business sustainability is at risk without backup storage.

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