Three Intelligent RAID configurations on a single Caldigit VR mini 2

Three Intelligent RAID configurations on a single Caldigit VR mini 2

Caldigit is a major brand in storage industry, and continues to provide high quality, cost efficient solution for more than a decade. The storage devices deliver reliability, flexibility and higher operating efficiency.

Good news for data backup professionals is that the popular Caldigit VR mini portfolio has been extended with the second generation VR mini 2. This versatile solution provides:

  • USB 3.0 interface
  • Robust RAID protection

New intelligent Data Protection Technique

  • This smart device creates data backups twice (on 2 drives).
  • The traditional devices feature RAID 1 OR the RAID 0.
  • Caldigit has combined RAID 1 and 0. In addition, it also operates in JBOD mode.
  • Users are provided the benefit of fast transfer speed with RAID 0.
  • RAID 1 mode of VR-mini 2 automatically records the data on both drives, and ensures rock-solid security.
  • RAID 0 mode accelerates the performance with super-fast data transfer.

More Connectivity Options

The users can easily connect this VR mini-2 device through FireWire 800 and also with the new cutting-edge USB 3.0. So confidently work with different appliance and enjoy the flexibility of multiple interfaces.

The intelligent RAID tool provides critical information about the device including:

  • Updates of Firmware
  • Device’ Health
  • Temperature
  • Notifications of E-mail
  • Event Log
  • Flexibly configuration of the RAID settings

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