The changing trends of Cloud Gateways

The changing trends of Cloud Gateways

Today’s popular Cloud storage technology is experiencing remarkable technological advancements. That is why small to large enterprises are attracted to this technology. In addition, numerous changes also have been applied to the cloud gateway market.

Within a short time frame, there have been remarkable technical advancements; few of the important amendments are listed here:

  1. Two of the most recently introduced innovative features are “use case customization” and “Cloud Enablement”.
  1. The first use-case customization approach involves the vendor’s intense focus on designing tailor-made Gateway for the specific cloud storage requirements and particular segments.
  1. Cloud Enablement has eradicated the concerns of the end-users, and now they have complete confidence in uploading their digital data assets in cloud. So, a diverse range of cloud storage solutions are available for particular needs, and can best fit variety of storage environments.
  1. More flexibility was needed for Cloud Gateways in order to seamlessly integrate in enterprise environments. Therefore the gateways had to adopt the attributes of data storage stack. As a result, the gateways have transformed into Controllers.


Cloud Storage gateway
Cloud Storage gateway


  1. Vendors of the gateway controllers incorporated new state-of-the-art features to help elevate network performance, while addressing the demanding data management challenges. But so far, these controllers have not yet succeeded in achieving these goals.
  1. Due to evolving customer needs and exploding data volumes, the IT administrators are finding it harder to tackle the network storage challenges. Data growth not only means more capacity, but it also includes the increasing number of end-points and greater usage of video communication.
  1. Best solution for these new demanding challenges is automated data management. The data files must be maintained, migrated and copied efficiently without any human interference.
  1. For greater operational efficiency, it is essential that the businesses should be able to individually customize the policies and integrate them in their network. The end-user must have the flexibility to alter policies and handle broadest range of specific enterprise needs.
  1. The customized data controller will further add to its state-to-the-art features, and further strengthen the platform for managing vast data volumes in public/private cloud environments.

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