TDK WORM LTO-3 tape D2406W-LTO3

The tape reel of TDK WORM LTO3 tape (D2406W-LTO3) is cut into width if 12.65mm with the help of high precision slitting process. This finely cut tape reel of TDK LTO-3 tape (D2406W-LTO3) provides high-precision servo-signal and superior tape stability. It also facilitates in accurate, precise reading & writing of information onto the TDK LTO 3 tape media. TDK ultrium LTO-3 (D2406W-LTO3) cartridge offers seamless integration and the new applications can be installed easily therefore providing added durability and reliability.

TDK has devised new cartridge mechanism that enhances the tape’s stability and provides unmatched performance. Reel drum in the TDK LTO 3 tape enhances the circular precision. The tape cartridge has superior shock resistance that makes it more sturdy and robust. Write once read many (WORM) mechanism is also added to the TDK LTO3 tape media so that data alteration can be obstructed.

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