Sony’s Leading-edge 185 TB Tape Cartridge is here

Sony’s Leading-edge 185 TB Tape Cartridge is here

Sony carries on its legacy of state-of-the-art I.T products that set new standards for usability and performance. It’s no surprise that the market-leader Sony has reached another milestone in tape storage industry with a massive capacity media.

So what makes this tape so special? It is actually the record breaking storage capacity of 185 TB. To squeeze such enormous data in a compact media, the recording density needed to be increased markedly.


Therefore, Sony engineers brainstormed with IBM engineers and came up with a new innovative “nano-grained magnetic” technology.  Base film of this tape is made up of extremely tiny nano-particles thus enabling remarkably enhanced density.

Sony unveiled this cutting-edge storage media at “Magnetics Conference” INTERMAG Dresden Germany, held during the first week of May, 2014.

Industry leading backup format

Tape technology has a large market share, as it allows small-to-large organizations to secure digital data for exceptionally longer periods (30-years).

The storage density is almost five times higher than the existing media, as this new cartridge writes 148GB on a square-inch. A single Sony tape can easily squeeze data volume of 3700 Bluray disks, which makes it a perfect medium for the rapidly growing digital information.

The organizations need such ultra-high capacity medium as the IDC (International Data Corporation) has predicted data growth up to 40 trillion GB by the year 2020. The extension of business markets has resulted in remarkable growth of operational data and cloud services as well. This created the need for large capacity media, and Sony has the best solution for you!

This Sony tape is a quality solution because:

  • It holds unbeatable 185 terabytes
  • Low-cost media
  • Energy efficient
  • Requires lesser shelf space
  • Portability

On the other hand, hard drive system require more power and the stored data is vulnerable to shocks, accidental drops.

Data recovery Disk Vs Tape

Retrieving files from tape cartridge is slower, as it uses sequential access method. The base film needs to be moved back and forth in order to access data files. The retrieval process is faster in hard disk drives, as they quickly jump to the file location with random access.

You can compromise on speed but not on data reliability. So the tape would certainly be a better option. Disaster recovery from security breach and natural catastrophes is critically important for organizational sustainability, and therefore you need a robust data system.

Other innovative storage solutions from Sony

Sony’s storage media engineers have proved their technical expertise with state-of-the-art devices. Sony is collaborating with Panasonic and working on new innovative “Archival Disk” technology. This new media will house data amount of 250 DVD disks.

All Sony products are well-received by the IT professionals as they provide them more flexibility, unmatched reliability and smart innovative features.

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