Sony DDS backup tape products

The Sony DDS tape cartridge has low torque. The DDS-4 & DDS-3 data tapes by Sony coating (dual layer) that consists of ultra thin non-magnetic & a magnetic layer. The purpose of this ultra thin layer is that the output is high in range of high frequency that is very much important for the recording of high density.The tape surface of Sony DDS is very smooth due to the non-magnetic layer. So, in this way the surface’s smoothness supports tape travel reliability & stability. It is not easy for the magnetic particles that are smaller in size to scatter within the tape binder. But with the fine particle, the “high-dispersion” technology of Sony delivers outstanding and efficient results to it customers.

Sony DDS-3 & DDS-4 data tape’s magnetic particles are approx. 100nm (0.1μm). Still then the output value is 5dB or higher for shortest wavelength recorded. The cleaning cartridge DGD15CL from Sony outstanding results in all the DDS tape drives. This Sony cleaning cartridge minimizes the harmful effects of head wear and on the other hand maximizes the cleaning effectiveness.

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