Smart ways to use backup tape technology in Cloud storage systems

Smart ways to use backup tape technology in Cloud storage systems

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The new cloud storage technology facilitates the users to reliably transfer, store and retrieve information anywhere across the globe. Proper planning and robust security measures are required to ensure uninterrupted access to critical enterprise data.

Common myth amongst the cloud storage service providers is that the backup tape format is not useful and best suited for cloud environment. In truth, the tape is still the most reliable option. Here are three smart ways to enjoy heightened security and exceptional operational efficiency with tape storage format:


Reliable medium for cloud seeding

Secure and fast data transfer to cloud storage facility is critically essential. Transferring vital enterprise data over internet connection can be risky. In addition, if data transfer via WAN network takes longer; then copy the digital information to tapes and confidently send the media to cloud storage facility.


Fast, uninterrupted recovery of cloud data

Tapes are best robust solution for data restore. They are highly resistant to humidity, pollutants and harsh temperature. Smart approach is to backup your cloud server data, and backup tape cartridges can hold data for up to 3 decades. The cloud providers can seamlessly run their applications, quickly return to routine operations and keep data within their facility.

When users are running cloud application, the service providers can recover data from the backup datasets. As a result, the service providers can ensure uninterrupted data updating, editing and quick cloud sync.

The benefits are:

  • Remarkably reduced recovery time
  • Copy of cloud server data stored on a robust media
  • Users can upload and retrieve data while their application seamlessly runs in cloud environment.
  • With integration of backup tape storage technology, the cloud users would have more trust in their service providers.


Deep data archiving

The cloud providers can strengthen their storage infrastructure and further improve their services. They can enhance customer experience and facilitate them with state-of-the-art features, like “Amazon Glacier”. This does not mean that they would be able to match the service-level agreements of Amazon-Glacier, but can still deliver decent data storage services to low-budget companies.

So the cloud providers can develop a robust, flexible infrastructure that can allow users to cost-efficiently store, edit and retrieve large volumes of data at super-fast speed.


Lower operating cost

Cloud providers can confidently move data between their cloud-storage systems and other company-wide departments.

These are some valuable roles that tape formats can play in the rapidly growing cloud environments. Cloud companies that implement these strategies can surely outperform their rivals.

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