Small Businesses With Slim Budgets Can Satisfy Their Backup Storage Requirements With Dell’s Economical LTO-2 Tape System

For business enterprises, the question is how to compete successfully in internet-driven marketplace, efficiently satisfying the needs of loyal customers while attracting new ones. Businesses lose their goodwill and market share when they fail to meet the customer requests within the allotted time span, and the most common reason is interruptions in accessing their vital operational data. What can businesses do if the data files are unintentionally over-written or completely erased from the hard drive? Data recovery software consumes a lot of time and can’t fully restore the lost data. A better option is backing up data onto a durable medium. So data loss won’t cause any headaches for data administrators and the businesses can operate smoothly. Click Here

To protect your business critical data, choose the best backup technology. You can’t afford to compromise on data integrity especially when the competition is up against the leading business enterprises across the globe. LTO (Linear Tape Open) is the ideal technology that continues to flourish with high-performance tape generations, low cost per GB, seamless scalability and robust security. LTO products are being engineered by the world-leading companies, which has resulted in wider availability, competitive prices and new innovative functionalities.

Business enterprises Dell-branded LTO solutions, which offers them superior deployment services, technical assistance, long term investment protection and unparalleled storage performance. Small businesses seeking a user-friendly, low cost and intelligent solution for their stringent backup challenges can count on the compact Dell LTO2 solution. It works excellently with the broadest range of small networks, enterprise applications and demanding data centers. Dell LTO-2 tape drive family’s multiple models (external and internal) feature the industry leading SCSI ultra-160 LVD interface and the compact half-height form factor. Their native 24MB/second speed is perfect for today’s commercial applications. Moreover, the compression functionality doubles the data transfer rate.

The tiny LTO ultrium 2 tape backups 200/400 GB information. This storage capacity, as compared to LTO1, is 100% higher. So the fast growing operational data can be reliably copied onto this small LTO2 cartridge, and your space-constrained shelves can easily accommodate them. The exceptional robustness of Dell LTO ultrium tapes secures the businesses’ investment, while allowing fast company-wide data sharing and with other offsite IT centers as well. Backward compatibility of LTO2 drives provides a trouble-free path to fast growing companies for enhanced backup performance. LTO 1 tapes work seamlessly for data backup/retrieval tasks, thus providing businesses long term benefit of their LTO investment.

New high capacity LTO solutions, reaching up to LTO5, are also available from Dell that enables the customers to extend their storage performance in a cost effective manner. Moreover, the previous LTO tapes would also make a useful contribution in reducing the budget, because they will work with the next generation drives. This is the biggest advantage of Dell LTO technology, which assists the business enterprises to strengthen data security with minimal investment. So the IT managers burdened with fast data archiving and economical storage can confidently secure their small IT centers with this intelligent LTO2 solution.

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