Skins and Trees to Backup Tapes

Skins and Trees to Backup Tapes

Our ancestors used animal skins and trees to write information on. And to preserve important information they had the tedious task of physically duplicating the scripts. The good news is that our ancestors did not have the large amount of data to duplicate like we have today. The bad news is that their scripts deteriorated in a few years. We have lost tons of valuable data because they did not have the tools we have now.  Imagine if they had backup tapes.


We would have tons of informative data available had it been saved on backup tapes.  So what has been lost in ancient time can’t be recovered. But it is possible in the modern world. Things have changed dramatically. The workload is now being efficiently handled by the computers. In addition, the backup storage systems are also improving their performance and compatibility. The latest LTO4, LTO5 & LTO6 tape technology is extremely efficient. Computers are vulnerable to unexpected breakdowns and the users are haunted by the fear of data loss resulting from hard disk failures, malfunctioning of power supplies and many other causes. Also you cannot do much about online viruses and malicious tampering. The only option left is to make several copies of the data.

Market Leading Solutions

The three most efficient and highly used backup systems nowadays are tapes, disks and cloud storage. In the past, a lot of time was wasted for copying a single file at multiple mediums. But now it is just a matter of a single click.

Choosing a reliable solution from these three technologies requires intense focus on your current as well as the future data needs. Things would become a lot easier for the data administrators if a comparison is made amongst these three technologies.

data backup tapes

Disk Storage

  • If you have chosen the disk storage, the biggest advantage is compatibility.
  • No need to add more disk space in your data center, as the new hard drives are bigger in capacity & smaller in size
  • Fast data access and greater control over the business applications and databases.
  • Require careful handling and not reliable for long term storage.

Tape System

  • A more reliable system for digital storage would be a tape backup format.
  • Solid history of tape system and exceptional range of solutions provide complete peace of mind to the data administrators.
  • With high density technologies like LTO ultrium 6 and DAT-320 tape, the companies would only need to deploy slim IT workforce for their data security tasks.
  • Data extraction and backup speeds have been remarkably enhanced (1.4 TB/hr.), but still it cannot beat the disk drives as they feature random access.
  • Copy the data and confidently move the datasets to the media shelves. Even after 30 years, users can reliably restore their information.

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

  • Majority of the shortcoming of previously mentioned data storage systems have been eliminated in this breakthrough Cloud Storage technology.
  • These services are provided by third party. So you have to trust them for in-time availability and data integrity.
  • The information is preserved in virtualized pools and the company has to lease capacity from the cloud storage provider.
  • Requires technical skills to operate, and is not that much user-friendly like disk and tape systems.
  • Reliability of your organizational data is dependent on the cloud storage application, and most importantly the host company.
  • There isn’t any capital expense and you have to pay for the operating cost.

Now the data administrators have a clear picture of the benefits and disadvantages of these leading technologies. So don’t lose the data like our ancestors.


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