Reliable SLR tape media format

The SLR tape format has the technology to read the data from its previous generations, in this way the data stored in the SLR tapes of the old generations can be restored. So, the data can be made available from old generation SLR cartridges.SLR data tape is made from MP+ (Metal Particle) magnetic media. The metal particle increases the life of the SLR tape cartridge and also provides resistance against wear & tear of the tape reel. The SLR tape cartridge has twenty years of shelf-life provided the tape cartridge is stored properly.

The error rate of SLR tape cartridge is low as 1.5% because the tape media used in the SLR tape is of high quality. The tape drive’s design protects the SLR tape cartridge. The tape head and the media of the SLR tape can be cleaned by the cleaning cartridge of SLR. The process of cleaning is very simple, and is done just by the insertion of the SLR cleaning tape into the tape drive.

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