Quantum’s new RDX disk backup solution is available

Quantum has added a new, efficient, affordable and fast RDX disk-based solution in its impressive data backup product line. Now the fast paced businesses can quickly access information from their massive datasets, and preserve it for 30 years.

Salient features of this solution are:

Unmatched durability: The RDX cartridges work excellently in demanding environments, can withstand workloads, unfavorable conditions and rough handling.

Reliable security: This solution simplifies data management and elevates security level of SQL Server and MS Email Exchange with its intelligent “GoProtect” software.  AES 256 bit encryption protects valuable corporate data.

Cost efficient scalability: the impressive capacity range (320 gigabytes to 1.5 TB) facilitates users to secure large data volumes and secures investment. These disks can be used with RD-1000 as well as the super-fast RDX docking stations.

Choose from these durable disk cartridges

160 GB cartridge
Part number: 26607

320 GB cartridge
Part number: 27083

500 GB cartridge
Part number: MR050-A01A

1 TB cartridge
Part number: MR100-A01A

1.5 TB cartridge
Part number: MR150-A01A

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