Overall performance and reliability of Backup Tape compared with Disk Storage

Overall performance and reliability of Backup Tape compared with Disk Storage

Every organization needs a data backup system and a smart disaster recovery strategy. Business tasks run efficiently and smoothly if the operational data is made available in-time to the employees, customers and management.

Tape storage system features backup, recovery, scalability and security in an affordable, user-friendly package. It is a smart alternative to disk storage technology. When we compare the durability, operating cost and useful life of tape with disk, the former solution offers more advantageous features and lower ownership cost.

A comparison of these two technologies will help IT managers evaluate the performance and usability of disk and tape.  Before we move onto the details, this table will provide you a quick summary of the comparison:

Tape vs HDD

IT administrators looking for smart data backup solutions mostly go for these two options: Tape and Disk


Moving to Tape storage systems

The popularity of backup tape solutions is due to the robustness, media removability, smooth growth path, backward compatibility and higher operating efficiency of this technology. This format has kept pace with the storage and security requirements of large, medium and small companies.


Reliable data restores

Base film of tape cartridge is made up of small, ultra fine magnetic particles that enable it to safely preserve the data for up to 20-30 years. This media is shock-proof and has is robust enough to tolerate harsh conditions.

The hard disks are affected by the fluctuating power supply. In addition, there is a high risk of data transportation with hard drive systems.


Data management

Overall management of data tapes is much easier. So there would were extremely low rate for errors and no special IT training is required to operate this backup system. The tape drives are available with leading interfaces SAS, SCSI along with the USB connectivity.


Safe offsite transportation

When comparing the reliability of offsite media storage, the tape wins. The disk drives more sensitive to shocks, humidity and rough handling. So they can’t be preserved in more diverse conditions and trusted for long term archiving.
Preserve the tapes in media shelf, carry them confidently within your office premises or transfer sensitive company data to remote locations.


Automated performance

The tape libraries and autoloaders can handle multiple media with exceptional accuracy, accelerate performance and save time. Moreover, the best feature is the ability to remotely access the libraries. LTO-6 (sixth generation of Linear Tape Open) allows data backups through the simplest methods of drag-drop and copy-paste.

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