New smart features incorporated in LTO ultrium 5 tape media format

Nowadays, business enterprises have to focus on improving their disaster recovery strategy. This is vital for smooth business operations. Viruses and hardware failures can cost millions of dollars as you business enterprise can lose the loyal customers. A smart solution that has become the core function in busy data centers is backup storage.

As the volume of corporate databases continues to increase, the organizations find it difficult to manage, backup and secure the organizational data. But now the backup storage needs can be easily handled with superior cost efficiency with the new intelligent LTO5 tape solution. Users can reliably record an outstandingly high volume of 1500GB raw data, while ensuring robust security and pain-free scalability.
Moreover, the backup speed is also the fastest in mid-range tape market. In native mode, a super fast 140 MB per second is achieved.

That means the LTO-5 tape solution will address the demands of midrange server environments, storage intensive companies and fast paced enterprises. The data compression system will further extend the storage efficiency as the tape can easily preserve 3 terabytes of compressed information. The data files encrypted with 256 bit code, safeguards the critical data files in event of hacking and unauthorized access. This feature is available in all LTO 5 drives.

LTO ultrium5 format combines efficient data management and long term archiving with low ownership cost. Backward compatibility has made this LTO ultrium5 format a popular choice amongst value conscious businesses. So they can enjoy connectivity with prior LTO ultrium 4 cartridges.

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