Media Partitioning, The Most Powerful Functionality now Features in New LTO5 and 6 Generations

Generations of popular Linear Tape Open (LTO) format, LTO ultrium 5 and LTO 6, incorporate the superior functionality of dual-partitioning. LTO drive can easily create two partitions (similar to the process of partitioning a hard disk). Confidently access both partitions, enhance data management and can quickly locate the files.

In addition to media partitioning, these two LTO-5 and LTO-6 generations also offer another feature of hard drive, which is data drag-drop. The process is very simple; download LTFS (Linear Tape File System) from the vendor sites. This software is free, and it works with Linux, Windows and MAC OS (only with specific versions).

Installation of LTFS is fast. The file system can be seamlessly accessed with the help of this software at the level of operating system. Users can conveniently manage their unstructured data as well. Stored files can be viewed and retrieved from this tape cartridge just like the users extract information from hard drive.

So the LTO customers can:

  • Fulfill their long term storage and fast data access demands
  • Quickly update files
  • Enjoy benefits of fast data sharing and media mobility

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