LTO Ultrium 6 Data Backup Tape Storage Media

Now the IT administrators won’t have to protect and manage the rapidly-expanding data assets with their bulky backup systems as the LTO 6 media tapes (supporting 2.5:1 compression) have been released by the major vendors Maxell, Fuji, TDK, Imation and Sony. Complete LTO-6 tape systems are available at extremely affordable prices from IBM, Hewlett-Packard and Quantum.

Data is protected with the robust combination of AES 256 encryption and the tamper-proof (WORM write once read many). In this way, the business enterprises can economically ensure compliance with demanding mandates of data retention laws. LTO 6 ultrium solution is unbeatable when you compare its storage density, speed, compatibility, security and efficiency with other systems.

The partitioning functionality makes data management easier as the storage-intensive companies can independently store & retrieve data from its partition. If you already have a large dataset of LTO 5 tapes, and want to take advantage of the excellent features of LTO 6, you can continue their usage as the new LTO 6 drives (all models and brands) will seamlessly operate them for writing & reading.

The prior investments will be preserved and integration of new tape system becomes easier. Barium Ferrite is also being used in the media formulation of some LTO-6 backup tapes. The result is remarkably reduced noise level and longer working life.

The outstanding features of this LTO 6 solution are mentioned below:

  • Storage speed: Maximum 400Mbps (compressed) and raw speed is 160 MB/second.
  • Storage capacity: it is 2.5TB for raw data, while the smart feature of data compression (2.5:1) helps to accommodate 6.25 TB on its base film.
  • Long term data security: 256 bit AES encryption, the built in functionality, does not lower the performance level. W.O.R.M tapes are also widely used for the storage of sensitive data.
  • LTFS (Linear Tape File System) is the innovative feature that has made storage/retrieval process faster and easier. It is similar to using USB drive/hard disk.

Below are the links to our broadest range of LTO 6 tapes, where you can get latest information on discount offers:

62032 – TDK LTO-6 Tape

229558 – Maxell LTO-6 Tape

C7976A – HP LTO-6 Tape

LTX2500g – Sony LTO-6 Tape

MR-L6MQN-01 – Quantum LTO-6 Tape

29080 – Imation LTO-6 Tape

16310732 – Fuji LTO-6 Tape

00V7590 – IBM LTO-6 Tape

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