Is Survival Possible without Data Backups?

Is Survival Possible without Data Backups?

Over the past few decades, Mother Nature has wreaked havoc and enormous adversity through hurricanes, earthquakes and floods. The business organizations must be prepared to bounce back after nature’s fury. This is possible only with reliable disaster recovery strategies. Smart I.T managers keep backups of their critical data at multiple sites. Businesses without data backup are gambling with their organizational sustainability.

Backup is essential and we will elaborate its importance with few examples from our daily life.

Some of the advantages of backing up data

Example 1:

An individual can better purse his career if he/she has a backup plan for his unfortunate failures.  A very common question asked in job interviews is about his backup plan which means that people want to be sure of what path they are going to take if not selected here.


Example 2:

Here is another example for better understanding the importance of data backup.

For every semester, a large number of students apply for admission and obviously only few of them would get enrolled. The ones who have applied elsewhere as their backup will find it very easy to enroll in other institutes if rejected from this one.

And those who did not devise a backup plan will have to wait for the next semester and have their fingers crossed. Here the famous quote “time is money” fits perfectly.

Does a common man face the need for creating data backup?

That was a general overview of how important it is to devise backup plans for your future activities. Imagine a student working on his project that took all night to prepare the slides and other files. But the entire effort went in vain as the data was lost because of some hardware breakdown or malicious virus. So, what can be possibly done? Obviously it is hard to gather again all the information and work on the project from scratch.

Online Data Backup

The most widely used solution in today’s enterprise industry is backup tapes. This robust medium can hold large amounts of company data. The foremost tape systems of this reliable backup format are SDLT (Super Digital Linear Tape), AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape) and LTO (Linear Tape Open). The LTO ultrium technology clears outshines with its high speed and compact generations including LTO 6 ultrium tape and previous LTO 4, LTO-5 tape versions.

Do businesses face the need for creating backup?

For business organizations, data is the lifeblood and that is why we all want to have its backup.

Organizations whether small firms or large multinational businesses, they all are burdened by the large volumes of financial statements, clients’ details and sensitive documents. A lot of time and financial resources are required to retrieve the lost data.


Moreover, such loss can have an adverse effect on customer trust and help competitors gain advantage. All such threats can be precluded with backup storage.  So if you have not yet installed any backup system, devise a smart, fully integrated strategy before disaster wipes out the digital data assets.

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