Intelligent Fuji LTO-1 26200010 tape cartridge

The part number of first generation Fuji LTO-1 ultrium tape is 26200010. Fuji LTO1 26200010 tape cartridge is very robust and is capable of providing exceptional performance under heavy work loads.

Fuji LTO 1 ultrium tape is very economical and durable. Fuji LTO-1 26200010 cartridge can hold 200 gigabytes data in compressed mode and 100GB information in native mode. The transfer speed offered by Fuji LTO1 tape is very fast that reaches 20 MB/s in native mode.

Fuji LTO-1 26200010 ultrium cartridge is very robust and has long archival life with high storage ability.In compressed mode, the transfer rate of Fuji LTO 1 tape storage format reaches at a remarkable speed of 40 MB/s.

The powerful ATOMM technology has been introduced in Fuji ultrium tape that boosts the durability and performance of Fuji LTO1 26200010 tape.

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