IBM TS2250 LTO 5 Tape Media Drive Is Ideal For Modern Applications

Every company wants to succeed and expand its business operations in their respective market segment. One of the success factors is the protection and preservation of the customer and business data. Today, mission critical data is the most valuable corporate asset. The capability to reliably and quickly access the data is critical to gain a competitive edge.

The real challenge for the data administrators is to economically archive, store and reliably extract the exploding data volumes. In addition to this, they have to ensure in-time data availability and fulfill the compliance requirements. IBM TS2250 LTO 5 tape media drive is the best solution for the growing storage demands. TS2250 drive belongs to the IBM’s System Storage product family.

Incorporating the newest version of the smart and efficient LTO (linear tape open) format, the IBM TS2250 drive is ideal solution for handling the demanding data storage challenges in data centers, workgroups, public organizations, SMBs, network servers and desktop workstations.

Capacity of LTO-5 tape cartridges has been significantly increased to 1.5 TB native. IBM LTO-5 tape products are rigorously engineered to provide new media partitioning system along with the advantageous features of previous tape generations including encryption and WORM techniques. Exceptional scalability and clear roadmap of LTO ultrium makes it the most highly preferred backup format for the data intensive environments.

IBM LTO5 drive continues to offer the backward compatibility with previous 2 generations. LTO-4 and LTO-5 tapes are read & write compatible, and LTO3 is read-compatible. Therefore the investments made earlier will be secured and you will be provided the flexibility to carry out your backup operations with LTO-3, LTO4 and LTO 5 ultrium tapes.

IBM TS2250 drive is a smart solution for budget-constrained companies. The drive features half height form factor that helps to save more space. With 2:1 data compression, the users will get double the storage capacity that reaches 3 TB. TS2250 tape drive provides SAS 6GB/s connectivity option with support of 140 Mbps native transfer speed. To further improve compatibility, one Ethernet and two SAS ports have been employed to the IBM TS2250 LTO-5 drive. This enables the IBM drive to support broader range of open system servers.

New media partitioning mechanism provides more flexibility and file-level access to the I.T managers. With the help of this powerful feature, the data managers can quickly update and search the data on the tape cartridge. The operational costs will be significantly reduced because the IBM TS2250 drive occupies lesser space and consumes lesser energy as compared to the other competing tape drives.

IBM TS2250 drive supports the industry leading tape management software including third party storage applications and IBM storage-manager software. To provide complete peace of mind, IBM has carefully engineered its LTO-5 tape products to handle the ever-increasing storage demands with lower cost implementation. These breakthrough features of IBM LTO-5 devices make them far superior and more cost efficient than other tape technologies.

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