IBM Introduces an Advanced TS3200 Library for the Super Fast LTO Ultrium Generations

Public organizations, businesses and financial organizations are continually generating mountains of operational data. IT managers have to manage this data in a 7x24x365 E-business environment. Moreover, they also have to ensure that Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA and other stringent legislations are satisfied within their tight budgets. For consistent performance, you need to copy your company’s critical data assets. This process should be done periodically. In this way interruptions in data access would not affect the business response time.

For the exploding data volumes, the most economical option is automated tape libraries. It offers numerous intelligent features packs greater data amounts, ensures low operating expense and delivers exceptional space efficiency. Data-intensive companies look to IBM for reliable tape library solutions. IBM’s vast technical experience and functionally-rich tape devices reduce complexity and maximize ROI.

IBM’s new TS3200 is a space-efficient library designed for robust security, fast data archiving and long term storage requirements of mid-sized & small companies. The 4-U form factor makes it the most compact automated library. Efficient data management isn’t possible without a smart tape format. This TS-3200 library supports the best tape format in industry, the intelligent and firmly established LTO tape technology. The library offers you choice with three generations including the latest LTO-5, LTO4 and LTO-3. Increased number of tape slots has helped to boost the TS-3200 library’s capacity to 72TB raw and 144 TB compressed.

The new smart remote management feature connects the IT staff to this multi-functional library through web interface. So you can quickly overcome the technical issues and perform a number of library functions. This intelligent feature saves time and provides excellent administrative control. Thanks to the rack mount configuration, TS3200 library can be easily integrated in busy data centers

IBM LTO tapes last longer, withstand high duty cycles and allow fast storage/retrieval. 46X1290 and 95P4436 are part numbers of LTO-5 and IBM ultrium 4 cartridges. Media capacity of latest LTO5 cartridge with native data is 1.50 terabytes. These media tapes are well suited for transporting the backup datasets to remote sites. Their strong cartridge shell reduces risk of damage and provides peace of mind.

The compression functionality, featured in all LTO5 drives, extends this capacity to 3.0 TB. IBM has engineered an attractive range of external & internal drive models for all these three LTO generations. So the businesses enterprises can best utilize their IT budgets, and improve the storage performance without increasing infrastructure complexity. This library offers exceptional connectivity interfaces for your full and half height drives.

So conveniently connect via SAS, LVD SCSI and fiber channel interfaces. If you are using LTO4 format, the library will house up to 76.4 TB compressed data. On the other hand with LTO 3 solution, the capacity reaches 38.4 TB (compressed). IBM TS-3200 library efficiently tracks the tapes with its high-performance bar code reader. So the data files can be quickly restored and backed up onto the LTO ultrium tapes with supreme reliability. With this smart library, IT staff can keep pace with their midrange servers and address the evolving storage demands.

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