How to best utilize De-duplication and where to apply it??

How to best utilize De-duplication and where to apply it??

IT professionals are looking for new intelligent ways to optimize operational efficiency, backup storage and security of their voluminous data centers. The breakthrough “Deduplication” technology has become a critically essential functionality in all busy data-intensive environments.

Core Functionalities of Deduplication

It has been engineered to reduce processing while improving the reliability of backup and recovery operations. Redundant data is eliminated, thus leaving behind remarkably less volume of data for backup storage.

This data reduction solution plays a vital role in cloud technology as well. Conveniently integrated it with cloud and enjoy economical, secure and simplified disaster recovery. Network bandwidth will be reduced and lesser disk space needed for retaining valuable digital information. You will have to manage, store and retrieve smaller data volume from the cloud.

Complexity of challenges will keep on intensifying as the rapid explosion of unstructured/structured data is not going to mitigate. IT administrators need to carefully work out a smart approach for best utilization of deduplication. Below listed considerations would be very beneficial for implementation of deduplication.


deduplication data

Choose Best Suitable Deduplication Technique

Outcome of each deduplication is different just like the compression algorithm. Volume of reduced digital data varies dramatically that can be 50% and even more depending on the variable block deduplication.

You might be astonished to know that careful combination of digital data can also allow you to achieve an unbelievable deduplication rate of 100 to 1.

Deduplication mechanism is beneficial in three ways:

  • Reduction of digital information
  • Reduction of traffic on WAN/LAN
  • Reduction of network & storage costs

Power Resources are utilized by Deduplication

No matter what reduction algorithm you are using, processing power is needed for compression while keeping track of the entire data bits. When deduplication process runs on any SSD/Flash device, that particular appliance won’t be able to do other tasks. The pool of data bits created as a result of defragmentation needs to be cleaned up. So the processing power is utilized by these tasks, and the device will stop all other functions until deduplication is finished.

Routine tasks of the storage administrators are remarkably simplified as the massive data volumes are reduced along with slim bandwidth required for backup. ROI (Return On Investment) varies and is dependent on the type of deduplication being implemented.

Some Useful Tips

Data administrators will have ample time for other high value activities once they have applied deduplication. Work load will be reduced and lesser headaches for managing routine tasks.

Intelligent deduplication devices are:

Functionally-rich but are easy to use

  • Up-gradation and installation are very simple
  • Performance and health diagnosis of system help optimize operations
  • Wizard-based setup
  • Better Monitoring and Management


  • Single durable platform for mid-range & entry-level applications.
  • Improved performance and secure data storage in smaller foot-print.
  • Reduced backup burden.
  • More time to concentrate on other data management issues


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