How Cloud service providers can strengthen storage infrastructure with backup tape technology

How Cloud service providers can strengthen storage infrastructure with backup tape technology

Nowadays, the organizations are migrating to cloud storage technology for protection of business critical information. The cloud service providers can’t be rest ensured of reliable data recovery unless they integrate backup tape format.

Cloud technology facilitates the users to seamlessly transfer vital data files anywhere across the globe, and instantly retrieve them on-demand. Security and uninterrupted data flow are not quite as simple, as they require smart planning and most importantly, creating multiple copies of data.

Backup Tape, a Robust Solution

Cloud provides need to evaluate their strategy for backup storage, because it fully ensures that the cloud data can be safely restored. That is why the cloud service providers should integrate tape format in their data backup infrastructure.

The Benefit of Preserving Data off-line

Data in the cloud environment is plugged into the network round-the-clock, and is constantly active. Therefore, there is a constant risk of valuable customer data from getting hacked or corrupted.

Robust security measures are critically essential to overcome these perils. Best solution is to store sensitive information on tapes and move them to remote sites. The vital data remains offline and is protected against threats of cybercriminals. Most importantly, you can restore the data if natural disaster affects your cloud storage facility.

Moreover, the cloud service providers must ensure that trusted partners and employees transport the backup tape media between sites.

Tape is a Cost-efficient Storage Format

The cost per-byte of disk technology is almost 4.16 times higher than tape format (these are the findings of research conducted by Enterprise Strategy Group ). On the other hand, the data volume of business enterprises is also increasing astoundingly.

For long term storage, the disk backup strategy would not reliably preserve your data as they are more sensitive to rough handling and power failures.

Longest Media Storage Life

Tapes keep on storing and retrieving data even under harsh conditions. Under ideal environmental conditions, the tape cartridges allow super fast archiving for 20 to 30 years. SDLT, LTO (Linear Tape Open) and DDS-DAT are few of the industry’s leading formats.

Thanks to the longer storage life, the cloud service providers can meet requirements of their clients for compliance with industry and government regulations. The disks can handle the online data, but for secure off-line storage, tapes can reliability and cost-effectively retain your data. Tapes can be confidently preserved in dark, cool environment for years. The cloud providers can restore critical documents from them with rock solid reliability.

Data residing on your server is not safe. With backup tape integration, the cloud storage providers can easily recover the corrupt/lost data files.

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