High-tech Features of HP’s Latest LTO 6 Backup Tape Technology

HP is an IT company that has come up with a number of products that would help businesses progress in the world of today. This company has contributed a lot to the world of communication and technology. It has produced laptops, desktop computers, printers and other such products for companies of different sizes. The company has been heavily endorsed recently- many characters in recent series and television shows can be seen using an HP laptop or desktop.

Amongst other companies, HP is one of the producers and manufacturers of the Linear Tape Open technology which is a backup technology device. Numerous companies have invested in this technology because backup technology helps businesses be prepared in the face of a disaster or crisis. It is better to be safe, than sorry after and the LTO tape is just the product that businesses require in the world of today. With the amazing modifications and changes made to the tape, the LTO tape has been made and changed into a device which all businesses can use in case they need more storage capacity.

The LTO 6 tape is the latest backup technology device. This product is the most recent version of the LTO tapes. The tapes are affordable and affordable by all businesses. Anyone can purchase the tape and use it to save and store vital information. The LTO 6 was produced and made available in market towards the end of 2012 (October) and this version of the LTO tape would help companies progress and go a long way. The HP LTO6 tape has a long archival life which means these can be used by businesses in the long run and the tape is durable and can be transferred or carried from one place to another easily.

The LTO 6 is much more efficient and faster than the previous generations of the Linear Tape Open tapes, and reads LTO4 media as well. 6.25 TB of compressed data can be stored on to this tape which means that companies can save a whole lot of information and data on to these. The tape can be used in order to store big files and documents and it is the most enhanced version of the LTO technology yet.

The HP LTO 6 tape comes with LTFS technology which means the tape can be used to access and store important files and improved and simpler transportability as well. The LTO 6 also comes with features that enhance the security so that any data stored on the tape is protected well. This way no one can get their hands on to what is stored inside these tapes until and unless they authorized to do so.

The HP LTO-6 tape would also reduce the need for more backup technology devices since the tape comes with backward read and write capabilities. So, information stored on the LTO5 and LTO5 LTFS tapes can be read, stored, saved and over-written by the LTO 6 drive. Businesses must invest in this tape as it would help them progress and protect themselves from threats, while granting them with amazing backup technology which would enable them to progress further.

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