Greater Storage Performance and Reliable Security With HP’s High Capacity LTO-6 Backup Tape

This is the age of information technology; all businesses have large amounts of data that they need to first collect from different sources, review it (the reviewing process involves analyzing data, eliminating data that is not necessary and storing information that is important) and then process data that is important. The task seems like something very simple and easy to do unfortunately this is not the case. IT departments of many top businesses have devoted significant amounts of resources in identifying the ideal medium of backup technology for therm. The Backup technology market is flooded with many mediums but no one medium is suited for all types of businesses.

The year 2012 marked the release of the sixth generation of Linear Tape Open technology. This technology was formed by three giants of the information technology firm, Hewlett Packard, IBM and Seagate. All these three brands formed an alliance to create such technology that would not only store data but also contribute in the smooth running of business operations. The first five generations of Linear Tape Open technology were a big success and this is why the business community was very excited about the sixth generation as well.

HP C7976a LTO-6 tape excels in performing its basic functions as well as exclusive functions. Basic functions of the tape include its storage capacity and the processing speed. The tape can store around 2.5 Terabytes of native data and process it at a remarkable speed of 160 Megabytes’ per second. This speed is no doubt the highest offered by any medium of backup technology. The basic features of the tape make it an excellent choice for large scale businesses that are enjoying economies of scale and are highly very data intensive. The secondary feature of HP LTO6 tape is that it is very compact, which means, businesses can enjoy more shelf space in their limited office space.

Since one single tape can store such high capacities of data the need for multiple repeated purchases of tape cartridges can also be minimized. There are features that come exclusively in HP ultrium 6 because the goal of this tape is to go out of its way to satisfy its users. One of these exclusive features is a compression rate of 2.5:1; this rate enables the business community to store 6.25 Megabytes of data!

More exclusive features of this solution include encryption and WORM. The core function of both these features is to provide the business that employees this tape cartridge the highest level of security. It has been noted that most businesses are investing heavily in security of data but this is a luxury that cannot be afforded by all businesses. So businesses that cannot afford these security measures can simply install HP LTO6 system. The encryption feature encrypts important business data and only allows employees with official permission for decode and read it. WORM on the other hand allows businesses to write on tape cartridge once and only once, the idea is to protect data against tampering and exploitation.

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