Efficient TDK LTO-1 D2404-100 Tape Cartridge

TDK LTO-1 tape (part number D2404-100) offers more storage capacity and fast transfer speed to its customers with lower operational costs. A single TDK LTO1 tape cartridge D2404-100 can hold 100GB of native information. It can store double the amount of compressed data (200 GB). The data compression ratio of TDK LTO 1 tape media cartridge is 2:1.

The TDK LTO cartridge offers high transfer speed of 30MB/s in compressed mode and 15MB/sec with native data. TDK LTO-1 tape D2404-100 is highly durable whose performance and efficiency are unparalleled. Super Finavinx magnetic particle are used in the TDK LTO-1 ultrium tape. The tape cartridge is very robust and has a shock resistance system. The High precision coating system used in TDK LTO1 tape D2404-100 enhances the data integrity and durability. A memory chip of 4KB is also included in the TDK ultrium tape cartridge that boosts the data access process.

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