Dell LTO ultrium3 tape is the perfect backup media for business enterprises

Huge amounts of digital data are being created by the public organizations, business enterprises and financial industry which continue to intensify the backup storage challenges. The constrained data-center space and tight IT budgets further increase stress on data administrators. Therefore it is essential that your organization should have a reliable backup storage and archival system.

LTO ultrium, the industry leading open tape standard, is the most reliable solution for cost-efficient backups and regulatory compliance requirements. Its unique multi-vendor interoperability empowers you to easily store, share and manage increasing data amounts in a heterogeneous LTO environment.
Dell carefully designs and engineers its data storage devices with an intense focus on industry specifications and supreme quality. Dell PowerVault LTO ultrium tape drives deliver the speed, performance and robustness to meet the rigid demands of workstations and servers. Dell LTO drives are well-suited for PowerVault NAS and PowerEdge servers.

Dell’s high-performance LTO 3 tape devices are designed to support complex backup environments. Multiple Dell LTO3 drive models including LTO-3-060 (half height) and LTO-3-080 (full height) provides exceptional compatibility with a broader range of business enterprise. That is why Dell LTO3 tape has become IT managers’ top choice for data mining, enterprise workgroups, data intensive SMBs, digital video archiving, high end workstations, public organizations, departmental backups and supply chain management.

As compared to the LTO ultrium2 tape, the Dell ultrium3 backup tape features 100% higher media capacity. Enormous 800GB data can be seamlessly recorded onto a Dell ultrium3 media tape. So the space-constrained organizations can accommodate their vast amounts of business information onto fewer Dell ultrium 3 tapes. Dell PowerVault LTO3 drives offer the advantageous read compatibility with LTO ultrium2 and LTO1 183800 tape media. Furthermore, data can also be written onto LTO 2 media tape with Dell ultrium3 tape drive. This backward compatibility provides the added advantage of cost-effective migration to next LTO tape versions.

These LTO ultrium3 tapes are built tough for high density recordings, and can be used for long term preservation of valuable business data. WORM (write once, read many) is a cutting-edge technology, which allows the Dell LTO3 customers to fulfill the stiff mandates of government regulations. WORM-enabled LTO3 cartridge stores the information in a non-erasable format. So the data cannot be altered or over-written.

Robust cartridge shell of Dell ultrium3 tape provides exceptional durability and protection in event of rough tape handlings or inadvertent drops. So confidently preserve your valuable business data on Dell LTO ultrium 3 tapes and store them offsite. Product and software names mentioned throughout this article are trademarks and are sole property of their owners.

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