Dell LTO 3 PowerVault Tape Drives Provide Unparalleled Performance

LTO (linear tape open) backup format incorporates breakthrough technologies and has enhanced the media storage features to create a new benchmark for reliability, performance and data integrity. LTO ultrium format offers data compression, timing-based servo technology, error correction mechanism and multi-channel recording. Additionally, the LTO backup technology provides the durability and improved scalability to keep pace with the burgeoning storage needs. Scalable roadmap of LTO format allows company-wide standardization of data storage system, and ensures investment protection.

Dell has leveraged its vast backup media expertise to develop PowerVault 110T tape drive, which is based on third generation LTO-3 tape format. PowerVault LTO-3 drive can store 400GB / 800GB data on a single Dell LTO 3 tape. Track density of LTO-3 ultrium tape has been enhanced by Dell that allows the small sized cartridge to house greater volume of data. Part number of this high performance Dell LTO3 cartridge is 0HC591. Dell LTO3 tape drives are a smart solution for the growing data protection demands in small and mid-range businesses, server environments, branch offices and data centers.

Precise positioning of read-write head is essential to ensure rock solid reliability during increased workloads. Dell has employed new “timing based servo” system that ensures precise positioning of head over the correct data tracks, thus leading to absolute data integrity. Dell LTO-3 ultrium tapes feature pre-recorded servo bands. Servo bands enable the LTO drives to pack data more closely together with greater accuracy. Dell PowerVault LTO-3 drive features a dual servo mechanism that facilitates it to position the data tracks precisely during read and write operations. LTO1 media is read-compatible, while both LTO2 and LTO3 are read/record compatible with Dell PowerVault LTO3 drive.

In order to further improve data reliability, a reliable ECC (error correction code) has been embedded into the Dell LTO-3 drives. ECC is a powerful automated system that intelligently detects the errors and corrects the cross-track errors without degrading the overall operational efficiency. The defective tracks of tape media are automatically detected by the drive. New breakthrough read-while-write technology verifies the recorded information and re-writes the data onto the defective data tracks. Dell PowerVault LTO-3 drive is very intelligent as it automatically adjusts its read-write head for expansion/contraction of the tape reel.

Data compression mechanism of PowerVault LTO-3 drive is based on the most efficient ALDC (Adaptive Lossless Data Compression). The efficiency and reliability of ALDC algorithm is further enhanced by the Dell LTO-3 drive with the inclusion of dual-mode compression mechanism. One mode compresses the data while the other compression mode intelligently verifies the data for absolute integrity. Robust architecture of Dell PowerVault drive helps to deliver unprecedented storage performance in automated as well as stand-alone working environments.

Dell PowerVault drives and ultrium tape cartridges provide an economical and intelligent solution to the exploding storage needs by delivering highest level of data protection, compatibility, performance and durability. All names of products and devices mentioned in the article are trademarks & sole-property of their respective owners. For more information Visit us here

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