Cost saving HP AIT tape format

HP AIT data tape technology is ideal and perfect for the storing data backups of workgroups and departments especially where cost, durability and performance are vital. Capacity offerings of the HP AIT tape cartridges range from 35GB to 100 GB (native). HP AIT tape cartridges have 64k built-in memory chip known as MIC (Memory in Cassette).

MIC chip speeds up the file access process and raises the performance level of HP AIT backup tape media. MIC memory chip enables quick access to files, fast media load and multiple on-tape loading & unloading. MIC technology in HP AIT data tapes offer 50 percent improvement in file access process over the other data tape technologies.

The reliable Q1997A HP AIT-1 data tape, Q1999A HP AIT-3 tape cartridge, Q1996A HP AIT cleaning tape, and Q1998A HP AIT-2 data tape cartridge can be ordered online at

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