Cost efficient TDK D2405-LTO2 tape media

TDK LTO2 tape (part number D2405-LTO2) is single reel high capacity backup tape format. TDK LTO-2 tape media cartridge provides superior reliability and outstanding performance both in the automated & stand alone environments.

With 2:1 compression ratio, the TDK D2405-LTO2 tape cartridge can hold compressed data of 400 GB and native 200 Gigabytes of information. TDK LTO 2 transfers data at fast speed of 30 megabytes per second (native). In compressed mode, it transfers data at 60 MB/sec. The magnetic particles used in TDK D2405-LTO2 tape media are specially developed through the technology of Super-Finavinx.

The backup tape cartridge also features the “shock resistance” system that protects the TDK tape cartridge from bumps, shocks during their shipping and transportation. Optimum data integrity is provided by the TDK LTO 2 tape because of the high precision coating system and the 4 KB cartridge memory. The memory cartridge accelerates the data access process.

TDK LTO-2 tape is available at with lifetime warranty at lowest price. You can also call at 1-888-491-4949

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