Benefits & Functionality of Cisco Routers in a Dynamic Working Network

Benefits & Functionality of Cisco Routers in a Dynamic Working Network

Cisco Systems is an American company that is well-known for its leading edge technology in networking solutions and services all around the globe. It provides network services and solutions which enable customers to get the best output from a Cisco router. Thus, Cisco is well established networking enterprise which has recognized name in the top leading networking companies that are providing smart and intelligent networking solutions on the widespread portfolio. Cisco provides Network Intelligent and Technology Integrated Solutions for organizations of all sizes from home, Small to medium size business organizations, enterprise branches and head offices, and to the companies who are providing IT services to Clients.


Cisco routers offer high level networking services i.e., Comprehensive security, integrated wireless, easy configuration, and offer advance quality of services (QoS) for highly demanded networking services e.g., Customer Relationship Management (CRM),  Financial applications like online bill payment or I-net banking, video conferencing and many other applications.

This article will enhance knowledge and information about benefits of Cisco routers features i.e., Integrated services routers and aggregation service routers. The feature enables the Cisco customers to fulfill their needs of business and changing network requirements of their company. Cisco routers are not just routing devices that are used to connect two different networks together rather Cisco routers are intelligent network devices which are capable of performing multiple functions beyond routing. They provide integration services like data and internet access, video, voice, security, wireless, and other applications. Cisco network routers also offer benefits beyond basic data access, providing integration services that maximize productivity and investment protection.

Technological Benefits of the Cisco Routers

Cisco integrated services routers are highly beneficial for all types of companies because of its leading edge technology features for a router that provides highly secure, ease of management, flexibility, ability to adapt and compatible with upcoming latest technologies. Routers come with all necessary network services required and can easily add networking services according to the company requirements. The followings are major technology benefits of the integrated services router.

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Ease Handling and Management: Customers can easily manage and troubleshoot problems of the network from one central location by using a single universal Cisco IOS Software image.

Services Virtualization:  With Cisco Service Ready Engine (SRE), one can carry out customizable services according to the need depending upon network usage and security.

Multiple Services: Introduce highly intelligent Cisco Integrated Services Router that offers consolidated multiple services like security, wireless, WAN optimization and customizable virtual services, and many more.

Video Applications: Cisco introduces digital signal processors to improve video streaming of video applications like live video streaming, video security surveillance, digital signage, and many more

WAN Performance: Deliver next-generation WAN and network service requirements. The Cisco ISR G2 delivers up to 350 Mbps WAN performance with services.

Models of Cisco Routers

Cisco routers have two main categories that are depending on their services. Two main categories are Integrated Services Routers and Aggregation Routers.

Integrated Service Routers

Cisco systems embed leading edge technologies in networking devices by offering compatible and integrated services solution routers. That enables to deploy versatile services among farthest branches of an organization. Some of the main integrated services routers are as follows.

  • Cisco 860 Series
  • Cisco 880 Series
  • Cisco 890 Series
  • Cisco 1800 Series (Fixed-Configuration)
  • Cisco 1800 Series (Cisco 1841 Router Modular)
  • Cisco 1800 Series (Cisco 1861 Router Modular)
  • Cisco 1900 Series
  • Cisco 2800 Series
  • Cisco 2900 Series
  • Cisco 3800 Series
  • Cisco 3900 Series

Aggregation Routers

Cisco provides wider range WAN and MAN aggregation platform environment to its customers with series of industry’s most reliable routers that provide comprehensive, highly secure , reliable , concurrent and integrated services. Some of the main integrated services routers are as follows.

  • Cisco 7200 Series
  • Cisco 7301 Series
  • Cisco 7304 Series
  • Cisco ASR 1000 Series
  • Cisco 7600 Series
  • Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series

However, Cisco routers are highly useful and beneficial for all sizes of companies and all kinds of organizations. Moreover, small companies to medium size enterprises and even companies with hundred of branch offices can get most benefit by utilizing Cisco routers for network communication among the organization. It reduces operating cost and in result increase productivity of the company.

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