Best Prices and Wide Range of RDX Media Cartridges

RDX, the new popular backup format offering features of disk & tape storage, supports small-scale and rapidly-growing businesses. It provides your datasets high level of protection and the durability of these RDX disk cartridges allows reliable storage/retrieval operations for a remarkable time span of 3 decades.

This solution has the best range of capacity storage that suits small businesses and their slim budgets. Like tape systems, this RDX disk technology also compresses the files needed to be backed up. 160 GB to an enormous raw 1.50 terabyte media capacity satisfies the small companies’ demands. File transferring is easy and fast. Copy-paste and drag-drop, both methods can be used.

We have all the range of top RDX disk cartridge brands:

Quantum RDX cartridges
IBM RDX cartridges
Tandberg RDX cartridges
Imation RDX cartridges
HP RDX cartridges

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