8mm Tape

Data 8 (or 8mm tape) technology as tape backup is a reliable way to store computer data. When 8mm tapes were first developed as a form of storage media by Exabyte, this greatly improved the capacity and reliability of tape backup in general. Data backup on tape can be done (for 8mm tapes) up to 40 GB on 170m length tapes like the Sony QGD-170ME 8mm tape and up to 150 GB on 225m length tapes like the Exabyte 00558 8mm tape. 8mm tape technology was the first form of helical-scan system used commercially for data storage. Data8 or 8mm tapes were also some of the first commercially available dual-reel backup cartridges. An ideal solution to high-volume data backup needs, the 8mm tape is a dependable form of tape backup using the Exabyte Mammoth tape drive. The 8mm tape 312629 uses AME (Advanced Metal Evaporated) formulations to offer expanded transcription content and low-toned abrasivity.

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